Was Epaphroditus An Apostle?

How did epaphroditus risk his life?

Epaphroditus willingly risked his life by being the main courier who brought a large sum of money the considerable dis- tance from Philippi to Rome (4:18). The same is true of those like Epaphroditus who have engaged in missionary work. The more he traveled, the more he was exposed to dangerous diseases.

Who is Timothy and epaphroditus?

Timothy looked like Jesus. Epaphroditus was a brother and a worker and a soldier for Paul and for the Philippian church. He nearly died for the work of Christ, risking his life for the sake of the gospel.

What happened to epaphroditus after leaving Philippi?

Upon fulfilling his commission, he stayed with Paul to minister to him in whatever way proved necessary. Either on the journey to Rome or more likely while serving at Paul’s side in Rome, Epaphroditus became ill and almost died. He is now being sent back to Philippi as the bearer of this epistle.

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Who did Paul send back?

So in short, Onesimus ‘ honor and obedience is not claimed by Philemon, but by Christ. Verses 13–14 suggest that Paul wants Philemon to send Onesimus back to Paul (possibly freeing him for the purpose).

What does the Bible say about epaphroditus?

Epaphroditus was a fellow Christian missionary of St. Paul’s and is mentioned only in Philippians 2:25 and 4:18. Epaphroditus was the delegate of the Christian community at Philippi, sent with their gift to Paul during his first imprisonment at Rome or at Ephesus.

What does the Bible say about epaphras?

In the first instance he is described as a “fellow servant” (Colossians 1:7) of Paul in his ministry. At the end of the same letter to the Church in Colossae, it is noted that Epaphras is “one of them ” and that he sends “greetings” (Colossians 4:12) from his current location to the recipients of the letter.

Where was Paul when he wrote the letter to the Philippians?

Paul the Apostle to the Philippians, abbreviation Philippians, eleventh book of the New Testament, written by St. Paul the Apostle to the Christian congregation he had established in Philippi. It was penned while he was in prison, probably at Rome or Ephesus, about 62 ce.

How does Paul describe Timothy?

Paul discovered that Timothy was the son of a believing Jewess and a Greek father and that people spoke highly of him. A good reputation was a characteristic that Paul valued immensely.

What was the problem between euodia and syntyche?

According to some sources, there was a historical theory that Euodias (male) was the gaoler of Philippi (see Acts 16: 25–34) and Syntyche was his wife. This theory is rejected by modern scholarship, not least because of the clarity in the original text that both characters are female.

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How did the church at Philippi begin?

The first Christian church in Europe was founded at Philippi (built on top of a tomb of a Hellenistic hero) which had become an important early Christian centre following a visit to the city by Paul the Apostle in 49 CE. Lydia was notable as the first European to be baptized there.

Why did Paul write Philippians?

One of Paul’s purposes in writing this letter was to express gratitude for the affection and financial assistance the Saints in Philippi had extended to him during his second missionary journey and his imprisonment in Rome (see Philippians 1:3–11; 4:10–19; see also Bible Dictionary, “Pauline Epistles”).

Who is called the apostle to the Gentiles?

To settle the issue, Paul returned to Jerusalem and struck a deal. It was agreed that Peter would be the principal apostle to Jews and Paul the principal apostle to Gentiles.

Who is the only woman mentioned in Paul’s letter to Philemon?

1-3, 288.11-12). Apphia is thus described primarily in terms of her relationship to Philemon (she is linked to Philemon by Paul) and her faith (she is someone sharing the faith).

Did Onesimus become bishop?

He may also be the same Onesimus named by Ignatius of Antioch (died c. 107) as bishop in Ephesus which would put Onesimus’s death closer to 95. If so, Onesimus went from slave to brother to bishop.

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