Readers ask: How To Get Apostle Outfit Style Eso?

How do you get the apostle style in eso?

These chapters (or rarely the entire book) can be found by completing Repeatable Quests from Novice Holli, the Clockwork Facilitator, or Razgurug in the Brass Fortress. Items crafted in this style will resemble the armor and weaponry of Clockwork City’s Clockwork Apostles. Like all styles, it is purely cosmetic.

How do you get different armor styles in eso?

How do I convert items to the Imperial Style?

  1. Use the Outfit Station.
  2. Select Outfit 1 from the drop down menu on left side of the window.
  3. Click Armor Styles.
  4. Select the type of armor you wish to change (Head, Chest, Feet, etc.)
  5. Select the version of armor you would like to apply, Imperial styles will have a cost of 0.

How do you get a motif in Clockwork City?

There are 4 sets of dailies that you can get motifs from in clockwork city:

  1. Razgurugs resupply quests.
  2. Blackfeather Court tribute “quests”
  3. Clockwork Facilitator world boss quests.
  4. Clockwork apostle delve quests.
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How do I get Greymoor style?

Greymoor Style is a style available in the Greymoor chapter. Motif chapters have a chance to drop from Harrowstorm Daily Rewards in Western Skyrim and Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns.

How do I get Vvardenfell motifs?

The more quests you have completed in Vvardenfell, the greater your chances are. Furthermore a maxed out pickpockets gets motifs more often. DONT pickpocket twice and then kill. Pickpocket till they’re empty as the chance of a rare item increases each time.

How do you get a Skinchanger motif?

The Skin Changer motif is available as a reward for taking part in the New Life Festival. They can be found in New Life Gift boxes. Completing daily quests for the herald Breda rewards you with New Life Gift boxes that can contain motif pages, crafting items, recipes, consumables, and more!

What is the rarest motif in eso?

Out of all of them, Ancestral Reach is the one the rarest of the bunch and that’s why it costs just over 1.5 million gold to skip.

How do you get more crafting styles in eso?

Style Gems can also be obtained when deconstructing an item of the respective style. Or you may purchase the ten initial racial styles from vendors at crafting stations. You may also obtain gems via the hirelings of Blacksmithing, Clothing and Woodworking crafts, as well as from Daily and Weekly quests.

How do I get Sunspire motif?

Where to get Sunspire Motif. Chapters can be obtained from Dragon God’s Time-Worn Hoard and Dragon God’s Pristine Hoard which are reward containers awarded once a week for completing the weekly quest The Return of Alkosh.

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How do I get Sapiarch motifs?

Where to get Sapiarch Motif. Chapters or the completed book can be obtained from Summerset Daily Recompense which is a reward container acquired by completing Daily Quests in Summerset.

Where can I find Hlaalu motifs?

Where to get Hlaalu Motif. Chapters or the completed book can be found in Safeboxes, Thieves Troves or pickpocketed from the residents of Vvardenfell.

Where can I find Ebonshadow motifs?

Where to find Ebonshadow Motifs. Chapters of this style can be found in Crow-Touched Clockwork Coffer which is a reward container acquired by completing Daily Quests at the Brass Fortress in the Clockwork City.

How do you get the Ashlander motif?

Basically what you need to do is finish short quest either in Ald’ruhn or Urshilaku Camp and then travel to Urshilaku Camp and back to Ald’ruhn for a quick follow up quest and after that you can start doing 2 dailies per day for a chance for Ashlander motif chapters or purple jewelry of Vvardenfell equipment sets.

How do I get dremora motif eso?

Where to get Dremora Motif. The chapters are obtainable from Dremora Plunder Skulls during the event called Witches Festival.

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